Fan Theory Suggests a Link Between Captain America: New World Order & Mutants

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Sam Wilson might have just inherited the iconic shield, but he will certainly have a lot to do.

With the fourth installment of 'Captain America' franchise being just announced at San-Diego Comic-Con on Saturday, fans seem to have already come up with ideas regarding the future plot.

According to a fan theory shared on Reddit, the events of 'New World Order' might focus on how humanity might turn against mutants after 'Ms. Marvel' finale appears to establish them in the MCU.

"New world order" could essentially mean the shift in public opinion about mutants and other enhanced individuals. According to the theory, Marvel might address conspiracy theories, mass panic, terrorism and "other fear tactics" by people in power. As Captain America, Sam would naturally "take the side of Justice for Mutant kind".

In 'Ms. Marvel', it is becoming clear that the Department of Damage Control has already taken issue with Kamala Khan, who turns out to be a mutant, and it is likely people like her will receive a similar treatment. This makes a potential escalation quite plausible, and Sam Wilson's Captain America has already established himself as someone who would stand up for those he believes were baselessly mistreated.

Some fans even suggested that Captain America already has an antagonist who might try and make use of the mutant discrimination.

"I think Zemo could play a key role in this scenario, fearing an uncontrolled increase of super-powered people and using fear and distrust in order to lead the public opinion following him in his campaign against super heroes." – /One_Change.

Others, however, are quite skeptical about Captain America being involved in the mutants' story.

"Or we could have a Captain America movie be about Captain America and not be about the X-men. Let X-men introduce and address X-men plot lines." – /neoblackdragon.

The fourth Captain America movie is coming to theaters on May 3, 2024. The film is going to be a part of the MCU's Phase 5.

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