Fan Theory Suggests Will is Getting Vecna'd in 'Stranger Things 5'

Fan Theory Suggests Will is Getting Vecna'd in 'Stranger Things 5'
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After all, his haircut alone is a reason for Vecna to hunt Will down. Yes, people are still not over it.

'Stranger Things ' season 5 is not coming to our screens any time soon, but some fans already seem to be confident about certain plot twists they think will be in the show.

Particularly, a lot of people are pretty sure that Vecna's next target is Will for what it's worth. Aside from multiple fan theories that rely on Will's previous connection with the Mind Flayer, there are also some practical signs that could point to the possibility of Vecna haunting Will down in the upcoming season.

According to one Twitter thread, there were a lot of clues on set that prove this possibility. For instance, Noah Schnapp, who plays the character, has been spotted in different outfits when the scene in the roller rink was being filmed. Besides, he had a harness on him, even though the roller rink scene did not include any moments of Will doing any kind of harness-requiring tricks.

But an even bigger "puzzle piece" is the fact that the actor who portrays Lonnie Byers, Joyce's manipulative and abusive ex-husband, was seen at the season 4 table read. According to the fan theory, his character would be Vecna's disguise to manipulate Will and make him suffer, just like the villain did with Max by tormenting her with the image of Billy.

In the season 4 finale, Will sensed the Mind Flayer when Vecna triggered an Upside Down earthquake in Hawkins. Given that the Duffer brothers have explicitly hinted at how season 5 will return to the roots, it's getting likely that fan theories suspecting Will's large role in this will end up being correct.