Fan Theory That Will Change Toy Story For You Forever

Fan Theory That Will Change Toy Story For You Forever
Image credit: globallookpress

In the Toy Story universe, there's one Big Sacred Rule: whenever people are around, the toys stop moving.

It likely even happens on the reflex level — if this wasn't the case, nothing would've stopped Buzz Lightyear, who considered himself a real space ranger and not a toy, from zooming around people.

The toys don't break this rule ever… Or do they?

In the first movie, there's one scene where this rule is deliberately broken: Woody gathered a few other toys and they scared the life out of the neighborhood kid who liked dismantling and rearranging toys' body parts to create little toy Frankenstein monsters.

What does this scene show us?

Without even diving too deep, it means that the toys are in fact able to overcome the rule and keep moving even with people around.

And they can do it whenever they feel like it's necessary — like with the Frankenstein kid. This is pretty self-explanatory, but Reddit user staplerbot took this line of logic further.

If the toys can move whenever they consider it necessary, what about the toys that belong to children from abusive families or kids that are about to become crime victims?

Surely, circumstances like these require someone's involvement much more than a little dude dismantling other toys.

According to staplebot's theory, toys are more than likely to intervene in scenarios that endanger their kids. Why wouldn't they, really?

They are capable of moving, and the chances of them not wanting their kid friend to be hurt are pretty high — there are hardly many toys that hate their owners enough to not come to the rescue.

If we assume this is true, it means that the Toy Story world is a much safer place for children, which is a nice thing in itself. It would also allow us to assume that someone deliberately gave life to all the toys so they can protect their kids.

This makes this theory even more wholesome: there's someone powerful enough to animate all the world's toys just because they really care about children's safety.

While this certainly isn't true in our world, it would've been amazing if it was. And we're definitely sold on the idea of kids in the Toy Story universe living in a much safer and better world, being overlooked by their toys and an unknown friendly force.