Fans Accuse 'Ms. Marvel' of Bad Writing Because of Najma

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The Djinn leader is already being blasted as one of the worst-written Marvel characters.

'Ms. Marvel' has notably been reluctant to outline its main villain, with Kamala Khan having to deal with various bad guys at the same time.

At some point, it's the Department of Damage Control, but in the middle of the show, Kamala has to shift focus on Najma, the leader of the Clandestines a.k.a. the Djinn. At first, Najma poses herself as a friend, asking Kamala to help her and her family return to the Noor dimension using her bangle.

It's not like Kamala refuses; on the contrary, she's okay with helping, but she wants more help. For some reason, this does not sit well with Najma, who suddenly thinks she's running out of time, even though she herself pointed out that the Clandestines have been around for decades without even aging.

"The way she barely gives Kamala any time to turn to her side before going to plan B which is killing everyone at the wedding? And now we see her stab Aisha when Aisha doesn't give her the bangle right away?" one Reddit user wondered.

Najma's changeability has raised many eyebrows. Najma's motivations become even harder to relate to when she has a change of heart... once again.

When the Clandestines and Kamala clash in the fight and the Veil between the worlds opens, Najma suddenly decides to sacrifice herself and close it, with Kamala just having to say a single line about her to inspire her.

"Ms. mMrvel ep. 5 ending was WEAK. Feels like the show could end there. Kamala is so far removed from Bruno & Kam both in story & physical distance. + Najma went YEARS tryna go home then changes her mind so easily? mad copium." – @lowspro.

'Ms. Marvel' has been criticized for its weird pace, with fans unsure how the remaining final episode will connect the dots and whether it will be good for the story.

The sixth episode premieres on Disney Plus this Wednesday, wrapping up the first season of 'Ms. Marvel'.

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