Fans Are Disappointed With How 'The Umbrella Academy' Season 3 Handled Allison

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We heard a rumor that someone's favorite character has been ruined.

Don't get us wrong – it's clear that pretty much every family member in 'The Umbrella Academy' has been through a lot of dark things. But does it mean that they are free to foster darkness within themselves?

Yes, it's Allison Hargreeves we're talking about, as well as the way she clearly tumbles down the villain path in season 3. And it seems that this villainous version of Allison is definitely not something fans were hoping for.

The closer season 3 is to its finale, the more bizarre Number Three's behavior gets. After repeatedly taking issue with Viktor for making the family "clean up his mess" Allison ends up doing two horrible things: sexually assaulting Luther and killing Harlan, an autistic kid that received Number Seven's powers after Viktor saved his life in season 2.

Allison rumors Luther into kissing her and "wanting" her, and murders Harlan after realizing that he was unwittingly responsible for the deaths of the Umbrella Academy's mothers in the new timeline. And it just did not sit well with fans – even those who considered Allison their favorite character.

"I was going to wait until I finished umbrella academy season 3 before I started commenting but Allison's character is irredeemable at this point losing a kid is sad and all by that doesn't justify murder and sexual assault the only big complaint this season is Allison," – @menacekind.

For many people, it was highly upsetting to watch, given that Allison managed to stay a relatively good person despite doing controversial things, but this is where fans drew the line. Moreover, a lot of viewers think that it is particularly bad that the only Black female lead in the show turns out to be an actually despicable person.

Besides, some people pointed out that this is not even the first time Allison sexually assaulted other people by rumoring.

"I didn't like her from the start. She rumored herself to success and her husband. Claire would have never existed without tricking her husband in the first place." – @yoongisAK47.

Even the fact that Number Three somehow kind of made it up by saving the family from being evaporated for the sake of resetting the universe did not redeem her in the eyes of fans.

However, no matter how painful it is to watch Allison spiraling into darkness, some fans admit that this is weirdly compelling.

"You gotta think. Most people are taking her actions from their pov. If you could always get whatever you want then suddenly everything you have is taken away. Your mind bends. Doesn't excuse her actions but she has superpowers. She was one move away from injustice Superman," – @pastor__word.

Still, the majority of 'The Umbrella Academy' fans believe that Allison's arc in season 3 is an unfortunate departure from a considerate and empathetic person she was during the two previous seasons, even in the given circumstances of yet another apocalypse and her losing everything she had.

Chances are showrunners will somehow redeem Allison in season 4, should it be confirmed by Netflix, especially now that the finale revealed that Claire exists, and Ray is there for her again, seemingly alive and well.

However, the studio is yet to update fans about the future of 'The Umbrella Academy'.

Season 3 is currently streaming on Netflix.

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