Fans Are Divided Over New Stills of Netflix's 'Sandman'

Image credit: Netflix

Netflix's Neil Gaiman screen adaptation is nearing its release with new stills from the show released. However, some 'Sandman' fans are not so sure about the direction Netflix has chosen.

The groundbreaking comic book about the God of sleep Morpheus has long been considered completely unsuitable for adaptation because of its complex narrative arcs and constant main character changes, but David S. Goyer and Netflix are trying to prove the naysayers wrong by creating a costly 90s comic book adaptation. Fans are confident in the success of the series, but recent images may hint that it will be a tonal disaster.

In a recent discussion on Reddit, fans seem to be completely divided on the look of the series, with some praising the VHS vibe of the footage and others condemning the overall clean look of the series, which doesn't fit well with Gaiman's original comics.

Many people are very disappointed that Netflix is responsible for bringing this story to the small screens and would like to see HBO do it instead.

Not much is known about when 'The Sandman' will be released, but judging by the stills that has appeared, the trailer is not far off from premiering.

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