Fans Are Losing it Over This 'Lion King' Scene: "Worse Thing Ever"

Fans Are Losing it Over This 'Lion King' Scene:
Image credit: Legion-Media

The idea of turning the iconic animated movie into a live-action adaptation has been controversial from the very beginning.

It's been three years since 'The Lion King' returned to big screens in the form of a live-action movie that most certainly did not leave everyone perfectly satisfied. While some people were okay with practically emotionless but photorealistic animals reliving the legendary coming-of-age story, others went ballistic over the "injustice" the remake did to the original cartoon.

However, even after some time, some people still can't get over the new version of 'The Lion King'. Over the week, a particular scene from the live-action adaptation emerged online once again, with one angry fan deeming it "the worst thing" they've "ever seen put to film".

But the sentiment was shared by a lot of people – especially when the got the chance to compare the original scene in the animated movie with the live-action adaptation. Yes, we're talking about one of the most horrifying scenes in 'The Lion King' – the moment when Simba notices the stampede that will kill his father minutes later.

Some social media users were quick to argue that the goal of the live-action adaptation was to make things photorealistic – which is why Simba could not have displayed as much emotion as he did in the cartoon. However, according to critics, this is simply another reason for the live-action adaptation to never even be considered a possibility.

It would seem that the debate on whether 'The Lion King' should have been made into live-action will just go on forever. Despite the heavy criticism the adaptation faced, it scored a pretty impressive box office, grossing over a billion dollars worldwide.

But was that money worth us all reliving our childhood trauma – and gaining new traumas when watching the emotionless faces of the animal characters? We'll never know.