Fans Are Worried Melissa McCarthy Will "Butcher" Ursula in Disney's 'Ariel'

Fans Are Worried Melissa McCarthy Will
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From the very beginning, the casting for the role of Ursula in Disney's 'Ariel' caused heated discussions.

Although Ursula was not shown in the newest 'Ariel' trailer, the discussion about the character and who should play her erupted with renewed vigor on Reddit following the trailer's release.

It seems that Disney+ subscribers are still upset about the fact that the role of Ursula went to Melissa McCarthy. Moreover: for some people this casting is actually enough of a reason to lose all interest in the upcoming movie, as they believe the actress will "butcher" Ursula completely.

The fact is, Melissa McCarthy, at least according to some Reddit commenters, has ruined films more than once with her acting. Viewers believe that the actress is far from being as funny as directors are trying to make her out to be, essentially being a "one trick pony". Maybe it's a typecasting thing, but for many fans it seems like she can only play an obnoxious lady.

Someone even said that Melissa McCarthy is the "female equivalent to James Corden", but the defenders of the actress started arguing with this statement. They acknowledged that Melissa McCarthy certainly had some questionable roles in her career, but her successful appearances in films should not be ignored either – while James Corden, according to the fans, is completely hopeless as an actor.

Some viewers claim that people who love Melissa McCarthy actually don't like her acting either. They just like her "crazy energy" and that's probably the reason why the actress was cast in 'Ariel'.

"You're assuming there were no rewrites along the way to cater the part to her. People who like Melissa McCarthy don't like her for her acting. They want her "wow she's so gross and crazy" energy. If they hire her and have her play Ursula straight I would be shocked." – /Carnificus

There is also a perception among fans that Disney is sabotaging itself by the decision to cast Melissa. Apparently fans believe that McCarthy was cast only because she's a safe and easy choice with a recognizable name that will attract at least some people to their screens.

However, there are viewers who think that Melissa McCarthy shouldn't be blamed for all the typecasting: it's not her fault that she is only allowed to play the same type of characters over and over again – the type that already makes the audience sick.

'Ariel' is scheduled to release May 26, 2023.