Fans Ask to #RespectBensWishes as Calls For ‘Batfleck’ Movie Intensify on Twitter

Fans Ask to #RespectBensWishes as Calls For ‘Batfleck’ Movie Intensify on Twitter
Image credit: Legion-Media

Every Batman fan has their own favorite movie version of Batman. Now that Robert Pattinson has also joined the Batman fraternity, talks on “who is the best Batman” resume again.

A certain group of Batman fans seems to be eager about another “Batfleck” movie (for which there are no plans), as hashtag #MakeTheBatfleckMovie storms Twitter threads. However, in the wake of Robert Pattinson ’s impersonation of Bruce Wayne it looks like Ben Affleck fans have risen, without caring too much about what Affleck himself actually wants.

Several people tried to calm down those enthusiasts and called to respect Ben’s wishes, using the hashtag.

Still, the storm under hashtag #MakeTheBatfleckMovie has continued.

Before Robert Pattinson’s take on the iconic cape, it was Ben Affleck who portrayed Bruce Wayne and his gloomy superhero alter-ego. But Matt Reeves, the director of the Batman solo movie, revealed to Esquire that he felt he was “not the right person” to bring Affleck’s take on the character back to screen. So it was Pattinson who ended up donning the black cape, with his movie premiering on March 4 and currently dominating box office.