Fans Decide on The Worst Endless Casting in 'The Sandman'

Fans Decide on The Worst Endless Casting in 'The Sandman'
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Not the easiest of choices exactly.

Netflix 's 'The Sandman ' has been praised for the impeccable casting choices by the fans of the original graphic novel by Neil Gaiman. The way showrunners managed to grasp the spirit of the source material and bring the beloved characters to screens seems to have clicked with pretty much everyone. But which casting choice was the best, and which one – the worst?

In order to make some tough decisions, fans gathered in a Reddit thread, sharing their views on the Endless family. There are easily three leaders when it comes to the best depiction of an Endless: Tom Sturridge as Dream, Kirby Howell-Baptiste as Death, and Mason Alexander Pack as Desire.

It is so hard to pick the best one among the three that fans somehow decided that it's a tie in the end. However, this was not the only thing they easily agreed on, as there is just one casting decision that drew a negative response – Despair.

Don't get fans wrong: they don't have a problem with Donna Preston who portrayed the character. It's more about the way showrunners decided to apply her talent and the outfit decisions they made. With Despair ending up as an overweight woman wearing no makeup, old clothes, and a pair of Crocs (yes, you read the last one correctly…), fans almost unilaterally decided that something about this character ultimately felt off.

However, there are people who call on others not to be so judgmental.

"We didn't see enough of Despair to judge yet. I get that they are nervous about having big a naked woman on a show, (somebody might say it's sexist or exploitative; probably changes the rating) although as a metaphor it always made perfect sense to me." – /ubiquitous-joe

There are hopes in the fandom that Netflix will greenlight a second season for 'The Sandman', especially in light of the show doing quite impressively when it comes to ratings. Shortly after the premiere, 'The Sandman' secured the #1 spot on Netflix charts in more than 80 countries.

However, the network has not yet updated fans on the project's future.