Fans Demand That Netflix Wake Up on The Sandman Renewal

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Third month into The Sandman uncertainty, fans are starting to get desperate.

Neil Gaiman-led The Sandman has been a huge success on Netflix. Spending over six weeks in global top 10, the show has also garnered a lot of fan love and appreciation for the way it handled the canon and transferred it to screens. Now all fans want is a season 2 renewal.

But it's been way over two months since the premiere, and there is still no heads-up about The Sandman's future.

Fans are tirelessly bombarding Netflix and Neil Gaiman with questions on the renewal, while some people are already assuming that such a long period of silence means that The Sandman will end up with just one season.

However, the uncertainty also gives people hope that the show has a future, especially with them knowing that Gaiman and his creative team already have the script ready to go. Still, it seems that Netflix is repeating its good old mistake once again — if the show is not an undisputable Stranger Things-level hit, it won't get any help from the network when it comes to promotion.

"It makes me very very sad that there is no sandman merch, no profile icons on Netflix, no bloopers, no deleted scenes and most importantly, no renewal." – @jesperfection

Releasing additional materials from the show like deleted scenes or blooper reels is an important part of marketing, given that it can boost the audience's interest — and, therefore, streaming numbers. However, as of now, The Sandman does not even have profile icons on Netflix like the rest of the shows such as The Umbrella Academy, The Witcher, or Shadow and Bone.

All of this makes fans feel like Netflix has abandoned hopes for The Sandman — and people are trying their best to let the network know that it's not like that.

"No "Creating the Sandman" show, no bloopers, zero official social media presence, etc. It's the fandom carrying itself at this point," Twitter user pineapplekooks fumed.

Some people are inadvertently recalling Good Omens and how it was renewed for another season after more than a year — which is not a fate fans want for The Sandman. After all, people have waited for decades for a decent TV adaptation to arrive, and they are not ready to wait even more for the story to continue.

"@netflix aren't you tired of me asking for the renewal of The Sandman. Stop being a coward. Stop hurting me. Just say you don't care ab your viewers and success." – @musemellifluous

The only good news the fandom has as of now is that Netflix has not directly announced the cancellation of the project. When approached by fans, Gaiman himself explained that it takes time to assess the numbers after the premiere, but the explanation did not quite work for people who remember that some shows are getting renewed a lot sooner than their first season comes to an end.

Netflix's lack of promotion for shows lesser known than Stranger Things has been a byword, with First Kill and The Umbrella Academy fans clearly familiar with the pain The Sandman stans are experiencing right now.

However, hope always wins, right? We know that from the show. As of now, the only thing fans can do is stream the first season and keep reminding Netflix that they wait for the renewal to be finally announced.

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