Fans Fear The Last of Us Could Fall Into Game of Thrones Trap

Fans Fear The Last of Us Could Fall Into Game of Thrones Trap
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One of the show's creators, Craig Mazin, revealed how many seasons the series might last, and it doesn't look good.

The first season of The Last of Us TV series was hailed as a near-perfect video game adaptation, with most of the characters and events from the first game carefully transferred to the show.

However, some fans felt that it wasn't as complete as it should have been, with the show cutting back on most of the encounters with the infected, and the finale feeling a bit rushed.

But now it seems that future seasons of the show may suffer from a completely opposite problem, as in a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Craig Mazin, one of the show's creators, shed some light on the future of the series.

While talking about how different seasons may require a different number of episodes, he revealed that the show may take three or five seasons, but "four seems like a good number."

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This revelation has fans quite worried, considering that The Last of Us Part II simply doesn't have enough material for three seasons.

Of course, the story of the sequel was longer than that of its predecessor, with two parallel storylines with different characters that can easily be adapted for two more seasons of the show, but three seems too much.

Fans believe that this can mean two things, both equally worrisome.

The creators can fill in the gaps with their own additions to the plot, as happened with Peter Jackson's The Hobbit trilogy, which stretched a small book into three full feature films by adding a lot of unnecessary stuff and butchering the source material.

They can also continue the series beyond the finale of the second game (or even change the ending), which is never good; just look at what happened to Game of Thrones after the show's creators ran out of source material.

Unfortunately, prolonging the finale is a fairly common practice in Hollywood, as was the case with Harry Potter, Twilight, and The Hunger Games.

Fans can only hope that the show's creators come to their senses and don't butcher the story to artificially stretch it out.

A release date for The Last of Us season 2 has not yet been announced.

Do you think that four seasons in total is a fair number for The Last of Us?

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