Fans Got an Idea For Logan Lerman to Redeem Himself in Percy Jackson Universe

Fans Got an Idea For Logan Lerman to Redeem Himself in Percy Jackson Universe
Image credit: Legion-Media

With Walker Scobell being cast as Percy Jackson in the upcoming TV series about the Olympians, many people have recalled the infamous Percy Jackson movies directed by Chris Columbus, with out-of-canon Logan Lerman portraying the son of Poseidon there.

There is still place for Logan Lerman in the Percy Jackson universe, many fans believe. But not in the role you are thinking about right now.

Hear us out. Logan was too old for playing Percy, right? Well, how about Poseidon? Let that sink in.

Not only Lerman seems to already have an appropriate look of a saucy surfer, but also the issue with age is resolved. And it looks like the Camp Half-Blood fans are more than okay with that idea.

You know what could be an even better addition to this Pantheon? Alexandra Daddario as Athena.

Not a perfect Annabeth, but she definitely can make a decent Goddess of Wisdom.

The TV series creators don't even have to do any work. Fans have already decided on the cast and the cliffhanger.

Walker Scobell has already caused waves after being cast as the son of Poseidon (see what we did there?), but the rest of the cast for 'Percy Jackson and the Olympians' remains unknown for now. We only know that the roles of Annabeth and Grover are already handed to someone, but their names are still unrevealed. So it seems that we have plenty of time for fan-casting, and who knows, maybe we have to brace ourselves for some familiar names in the show's credits!