Fans Grill House of the Dragon Episode 6 For "Ruining" The Story

Fans Grill House of the Dragon Episode 6 For
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Is House of the Dragon about to face the fate of the Game of Thrones finale?

Warning: the following article contains spoilers for House of the Dragon episode 6

Now that House of the Dragon season 1 has crossed the halfway point and is heading towards the finale, it seems that more people are taking issue with the way the show handles the story and the characters.

Episode 6, titled The Princess and the Queen, appears to have fans divided. Despite many people praising the separate scenes in the episode, some fans are conflicted about how arcs are developing.

For instance, it looks like House of the Dragon has altered the relationship between Daemon and his daughters. In the books, Daemon loves both his kids, but the show makes it clear that one of them, Rhaena, feels ignored by her father. Even though Laena assures her that Daemon "does his best", it's clear that the girl feels bad about it.

The show has also omitted the friendship that Laena and Rhaenyra had in the books, and fans are clearly not okay with how things are working out for House Velaryon here.

"Laena in the books was loved. She was not some consolation prize. She, Daemon and Rhaenyra were very close… a little too close. Daemon loved both his daughters yet the show made him ignore Rhaena." – @visenyasdaughtr

Besides, fans feel robbed of the scene where Laena claims Vhagar at the early age, even though Vhagar is the biggest and the oldest dragon alive. Finally, the way Laena died was also changed to something that "made no sense", according to a lot of those who've already watched the episode. In the books, Laena died after giving birth to stillborn, but the show made her go to Vhagar and basically set herself on fire when the birth did not go as planned.

"[HBO], one day you will pay," one of the show's fans said after listing everything they were not okay with in the episode 6.

While some people argued that Laena "died on her own terms" in the show, many people said that the books had it heartbreaking enough, and the change made no sense.

"You are acting like she just randomly happened to collapse on the stairs in the book and not that she pushed away the septas praying over her to reach Vhagar and fly one last time before she died. There was no reason to change this, it is a very touching and heartbreaking scene." – @ingoIdo

House of the Dragon is currently streaming on HBO Max, with four more episodes to arrive weekly on Sundays.