Fans Have Come Up with the Craziest Plot for Spider-Man 4 (And It Is Actually Good)

Fans Have Come Up with the Craziest Plot for Spider-Man 4 (And It Is Actually Good)
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This idea shows that Marvel really should listen to the creativity of their fans.

Spider-Man 4 isn't arriving anytime soon, but fans don't waste their time and speculate on a potential plot for the next movie featuring Tom Holland 's Spidey.

One interesting suggestion was shared on Reddit. This plot is not just a simple continuation of the story, but a whole new adventure that brings together some of our favorite characters from the Marvel Universe.

The theory suggests that the story would pick up about six months to a year after the events of No Way Home. The plot would revolve around Peter learning to let people back into his life and overcoming the grief of Aunt May's death.

The plot introduces new characters like Felicia Hardy, also known as Black Cat, and Johnny Storm, the Human Torch. Peter's life is shown in stark contrast — struggling to make ends meet as Peter Parker and thriving as Spider-Man.

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The fan suggests Kingpin as a villain, who breaks Scorpion out of prison and hires him and Tombstone to stop Daredevil. However, they cross paths with Spider-Man, shifting their mission to stopping him.

Johnny Storm becomes Peter's main friend in this movie. Despite Peter's attempts to keep a distance, Johnny forms a close bond with Spider-Man. An argument at the Statue of Liberty triggers Peter's memories of the worst night of his life, leading to a fallout between the two.

Felicia Hardy, Peter's main love interest in the film, knows about Kingpin's secret operation and is indebted to him. She teams up with Peter to stop Kingpin and his minions. Peter's reluctance to let Felicia into his life leads to a heated argument and a temporary separation.

The climax of the film involves a hostage situation where Johnny and Felicia are captured by Scorpion and Tombstone. Spider-Man must rescue them and put a stop to Kingpin's operation. The film ends with Peter revealing his identity to Johnny and Felicia, and the trio forming a close bond.

The fans have also proposed two possible endings for the film. One involves Peter becoming Venom after the symbiote attaches itself to him after he defeats Scorpion. The other suggests a surprise appearance by MJ, teasing a love triangle in the next movie.

Would you love to see this story on the big screen?

Source: Reddit