Fans Hope New Silvester Stallone Film Will Be Connected To 'The Boys'

Fans Hope New Silvester Stallone Film Will Be Connected To 'The Boys'
Image credit: Legion-Media

It looks like the legendary action star is cooking up something really interesting for Amazon Prime. Some believe that his new film, 'Samaritan', may have something to do with the famous adult superhero series.

The movie will center on a young boy obsessed with superheroes who accidentally discovers that the legendary superhero Samaritan, thought dead after a huge battle more than 20 years ago, may actually still be around. Stallone plays the former hero, and it looks like the movie will be more family-oriented, with the beloved action star teaming up with a boy to save the world or something. So, what led people to speculate that 'Samaritan' might have something to do with 'The Boys '?

One thing and one thing only, it's distributed by Amazon Prime, and its plot centers around a superhero. Now it's no surprise that people quickly guessed that this interesting-sounding movie could be related to the Homelander story, with all the cameos and references in place.

"That'd be awesome if it was an in The Boys universe movie. Like it's a movie production that's in the The Boys universe I mean, sorta like Sylvester Stallone being The Terminator in Last action hero. If that makes sense." – /Malemansam.

But the sad truth disproves this theory fundamentally, because the Stallone film was developed by MGM, and Amazon only handled distribution. The film became Amazon Prime property through the studios' merger, and some fans are very unhappy with the way Amazon handles other studio's productions.

"Amazon is dumping almost all of the MGM titles they have after the merger whether they tested positively or not. The Ron Howard Thai Soccer Team movie was going to get a theatrical Oscar push after it hadn't some of the best test screening results in MGM history but Amazon decided to dump it because it's not a blockbuster." – /GetToSreppin.

'Samaritan' will arrive on Amazon Prime on August 26, 2022.