Fans Mourn the Loss of the Underrated SVU Character No One Knew They Wanted

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It's true that fans cannot get over the loss of an underused yet influential character on Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (SVU). The character, Katriona "Kat" Tamin, first appears in season 21 of Law & Order in which she assists in several cases before eventually getting promoted to detective (season 22).

However, the promotion to the New York City Police Department was short-lived, as it was announced prior to season 23 of Law & Order: SVU that Jamie Gray Hyder (who plays Kat on SVU) would not be returning to the show. And, to make matters worse, it was confirmed by the actress at the time that the exit was not her choice.

"That's showbiz for ya," Hyder griped in a tweet before adding that the new season would be much less "colorful." It's a sentiment that has been shared by audiences on websites like Reddit, where users have been quick to criticize the decision to remove Kat from Law & Order: SVU.

"I absolutely love [Kat]," one Redditor chimed in on the discussion, regarding Kat's premature exit from the TV show. For many, the character was a positive representation of Woke culture and relatable for being bisexual. In fact, many felt like these ingredients offered Kat the perfect opportunity to thrive on the show rather than fade into oblivion. Therefore, they mourn the loss along with other recent departures from Law & Order, like Deputy Chief Garland (Demore Barnes).

The dynamic that Kat had with Finn (Ice-T) along with the "breath of fresh air" she brought into the squad room has Redditors believing that seasons 23 – 24 have failed to deliver. They miss the interaction she had with Finn and how the character may have been developed to bring in the next generation of SVU.

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Nevertheless, not everyone on Reddit shares the same opinion. For all the fans of Law & Order: SVU that are Team Kat, there are also plenty of doubters. Those that do not mourn the loss of Kat feel like she was underrated and underappreciated for a reason.

"[The loss is] nothing to cry over," one poster noted, while another agreed that the character had potential but was wasted due to poor writing. On the other hand, another Redditor put it much more bluntly: "[Kat] was insufferable."

Whether you agree or not, most conclude that the decision to remove Kat Tamin from SVU was likely made by Dick Wolf. The series creator still pulls a lot of weight around the show and apparently did not have the future in mind that many fans desired.

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