Fans Pissed at James Gunn for His New Bizarre Explanation for Firing Henry Cavill

Fans Pissed at James Gunn for His New Bizarre Explanation for Firing Henry Cavill
Image credit: Legion-Media/Warner Bros.

James Gunn goes under fire again as his recent revelation on Threads completely overrides the main previously stated reason for getting rid of Henry Cavill.

The past many months have not seen Henry Cavill fans in their lightest mood as the actor was forced to quit both his most iconic roles, those of Geralt of Rivia and Superman. The additional statements by the creators of both franchises, too, have only been fanning the burning flames of frustration that overcame the fans.

James Gunn, in particular, has a weird stance on this whole Cavill Superman situation. On one hand, he publicly criticized “the previous regime” of DC for “d*cking him around.”

On the other hand, one of the first things Gunn and Safran did when they came to power was firing Henry Cavill themselves, so… Yeah.

However, James Gunn tried to give a reasonable explanation for switching Cavill for a new actor: on different occasions, the director claimed that he would switch the entire DC cast to create an entirely new DCU experience and that Henry Cavill was too old for his, Gunn’s vision of Superman since he wanted a young Man of Steel.

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The first claim already fell apart after we learned that apparently, Gal Gadot was remaining as Wonder Woman, and now there are rumors of Margot Robbie reprising her role as Harley Quinn, too. Some other actors are presumably staying, as well.

The second claim was kind of questionable, too, seeing how Gunn didn’t have any issues with casting Nathan Fillion as Green Lantern… But then again, it was up to discussion: perhaps, the director only wanted his Superman to be really young.

The recent update from him completely denied that point, though.

“I was never making a “young Superman” movie, just a Superman movie!” Gunn wrote on Threads.

The reaction this post provoked was as predictable as it was justified.

“Wait, so why not Cavill then? If you’re making a Superman movie that’s not about a younger Superman, why did you say Cavill was too old? Your words,” Threads user ntmoviereviews pointed out.

We’ll spare you the rest of the furious or frustrated comments about “then why did you fire Henry Cavill in the first place,” so just trust us when we say it: there are quite a few of them down there. The fans were never happy with Gunn’s decision to replace Henry, so now they’re even less content with the director’s new, bizarre claim.