Fans Predicted Silo Finale Long Before It Actually Aired

Fans Predicted Silo Finale Long Before It Actually Aired
Image credit: Apple TV+

Silo fans are getting just too clever in their theories.

The new Apple TV Plus show, Silo, ended its first season just a few days ago, but speculation about the finale began long before it was released.

One of the most intriguing questions was whether Jules will be sent out to clean, and if so, will she die like two previous cleaners (if they did)? Another question that didn't let the fans rest was why did they die at all, even though they were wearing the special suit?

Well, to answer those questions, you have to be a really observant fan. The thing is, the key to the answers was hidden in an important detail of the storyline. Yes, we're talking about the heat tape, which was referenced so many times it's hard to count.

Jules was accused of stealing the IT tape for the Mechanical, but the truth is that she found out that the tape she stole wasn't actually of good quality. And that was an important thing in the story to draw your attention to.

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Fans recall that before Holston and his wife were sent out to clean, they both wore special costumes that were supposed to protect them from death. But something went wrong both times and they died anyway.

At that time, fans began to think that there was something strange about the whole story. and that the heat tape had something to do with it. Later, the fans got their answer.

“The suits have been designed to fail so that nobody survives a cleaning long enough to disappear over the hill. To do this, the silo has two different kinds of heat tape created. One kind is good (mechanical) and one kind is purposely defective (IT). The defective kind is only used for the suits so that toxic air can get in and kill the person,” Redditor Few-Goal-8144 said.

So that's it. In the last episode, Walker made sure that Jules' costume was wrapped with the good tape, not the one IT uses. And that actually helped her survive on the outside.

At this point, can Silo fans predict the second season in a similar way? Because we just can’t wait for 2024.