Fans Raise Eyebrows as Ironheart Reportedly Set to Cause Trouble in 'Wakanda Forever'

Image credit: Marvel Studios

Before officially debuting with her own solo show on Disney Plus, Tony Stark's heiress Ironheart will kick some things off someplace else.

It seems that Riri Williams, who you may also know as Ironheart, will be the one to spark a conflict between Wakanda and a hidden civilization led by Namor, according to Murphy's Multiverse (

With her own show still in development, Ironheart, an IT girl encouraged by Tony Stark to fight crime, manages to create the most advanced weapon suit since Stark's Mark. It's unclear, however, which of her invention would be the one to trigger the reported conflict in 'Wakanda Forever'.

And while it sounds just right for the heiress of Tony Stark to start something sketchy, fans seem to be quite skeptical about the upcoming debut.

Riri seems to already have a nickname. Quite catchy… perhaps.

Despite the skepticism, 'Wakanda Forever' is set to be a cornerstone of MCU phase four, as it not only introduces Ironheart but will also pay tribute to the late Chadwick Boseman, who portrayed T'Challa, and determine the Black Panther mantle heir.

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