Fans Really Want This Character to Appear in 'The Sandman' Season 2

Fans Really Want This Character to Appear in 'The Sandman' Season 2
Image credit: Netflix

Everything about Netflix's adaptation was a dream come true for fans… but there's more.

It would seem there are truly few issues with how Netflix adapted Neil Gaiman 's 'The Sandman ', bringing the Endless to home screens across the world – but not all of them, however.

With fans rejoicing about how perfect Tom Sturridge is in the role of Dream, and just how on point the casting of Mason Alexander Pack for Desire is, there is one character that is yet to be introduced in the screen adaptation.

We're talking about Delirium of the Endless – a younger sister of Dream who is responsible for madness and mania. The interesting thing about her is that she has not always enjoyed this kind of responsibilities: earlier, she used to be Delight. Even Destiny does not seem to understand the reasons behind her sudden evolution. Still, the galleries of her siblings feature her as Delight rather than Delirium.

In one of the comic arcs, 'Brief Lives', Dream and Delirium team up in order to track down another sibling, Destruction, who has left the family at the beginning of time. When rallying for the show to land a second season, fans have voiced a tentative hope that this arc might be adapted.

Besides, people already have a couple of actors they see in the role. Among the most popular choices are Anya Taylor-Joy ('Queen's Gambit') and Sadie Sink ( 'Stranger Things '). Delirium often changes her appearance but is frequently portrayed with red hair and multicolored eyes – something that fans think Sink could portray well enough.

"I am so excited about seeing Delirium in the show, but this is going to be a really difficult role to translate to screen. It will be SO easy to completely screw it up. So, I am very excited and also a bit terrified to see who they get to play her." – /RibbonsUndone

Fans are not the only ones to be suggesting actors for the role of Delirium, as well as the rest of the Endless family. In an interview with Variety, the series creator Neil Gaiman has hinted that he is already putting together a list of actors that, according to him, could do well in the roles of Delirium or Destruction.

Naturally, he hasn't shared the names. Hopes are we will get to learn them soon enough, but Netflix is yet to share the updates regarding the future of 'The Sandman'.