Fans Smirk at Reports That Amber Heard Was On the Brink of Being Kicked Out From 'Aquaman' Sequel

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Currently, Amber Heard and her ex-husband Johnny Depp are in the middle of an intense legal battle over a multi-million defamation lawsuit launched by Depp.

It turns out that Amber Heard could have her career teetering just like Johnny Depp had, with just one little tweak – she ended up being fine, and Johnny wasn't able to land roles he previously could easily secure.

According to Puck, Heard was almost kicked out from the Aquaman sequel due to chemistry concerns with Jason Momoa. Things turned out to be okay, but the actress was not able to receive a pay increase similar to the one Momoa secured.

The details are set to be unveiled later as the legal battle between Depp and Heard continues. But it seems that the fans do not feel a lot of compassion towards Heard, especially remembering the impact that the legal squabble had on Depp.

Someone, however, tried to be objective and pointed out that Heard was great in terms of her performance in the 'Aquaman' movie.

It has been more than three years of Depp and Heard being locked in bitter legal battle, with Johnny losing a lawsuit against a British tabloid that labeled him a "wife-beater" and currently trying to prove his point in the US court. Heard, in turn, remains adamant that it was Depp who abused her – something that the actor himself denies.

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