Fans Spot a Possible Plot Hole in 'The Sandman' Episode 6

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In order to spread rumors about immortals, one might need to be immortal as well.

The sixth episode of Netflix's Neil Gaiman adaptation 'The Sandman', 'The Sound of Her Wings', focuses on a story between Lord Morpheus and his human friend Hob Gadling, who was so in love with life that he secured immortality after Death and Dream overheard his conversation with friends in a medieval pub.

After approaching Gadling in the Middle Ages and making a deal with him to meet in the pub every one hundred years, Morpheus sticks to the promise and follows Gadling's life throughout several centuries. Things seem to go well until a certain someone starts to suspect something supernatural going on.

This someone is Lady Johanna Constantine, the ancestor of modern-times Johanna, who concludes that Gadling and Dream are immortal and seeks the same thing from Morpheus. However, the dream lord easily takes Lady Constantine down by throwing his sand into her eyes and leaving her tormented by the ghosts of her past.

But some witty fans have spotted an inconsistency here. How would Lady Johanna even get to know that Dream and Gadling were immortal? While the two met every century in the same pub, their surroundings were always different – mainly due to the fact that the pub's usual guests, unlike the two, were very much mortal and simply died.

There might be an explanation, though. Chances are that Dream and Gadling were not the only immortal beings in the place: after all, in episode 3, we get to know Mad Hettie, who is supposedly 250 years old. Who's to say that she is not the only one? After all, Lady Johanna, as a Constantine, might have met other immortals who, in turn, knew something about Dream and Gadling's meetings.

Moreover, things don't even need to be that complicated, other Reddit fans argue.

"Someone overhears their conversation in say, 1500, and tells the tale to their friends. This game of telephone continues until the next meeting at which someone who has heard the tale sees them and eavesdrops again. Lather, rinse, repeat, until Lady Johanna gets wind of it," a fan suggested.

The universe's mythos suggests that it might have been about Morpheus' domain.

"Just the fact that Morpheus indeed had such an arrangement with Hob may have been enough for it to trickle into people's dreams, and into their myths – in distorted form. This, once again, ties into 'things need not have happened to be true'", another fan mentioned.

Whether a plot hole or one of the show's mystery, Dream and Gadling's friendship appeared to have lasted long enough to continue in the XXI century, even after Morpheus missed one of the meetings because of being kidnapped.

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