Fans Still Hate Harry Potter’s Most Heartwarming Scene for All the Right Reasons

Fans Still Hate Harry Potter’s Most Heartwarming Scene for All the Right Reasons
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While wholesome and merry, this Deathly Hallows movie scene only highlights the much more important and yet neglected moments in the series.


  • Harry and Hermione’s Deathly Hallows dance scene, while heartfelt and warm, is largely hated by book fans.
  • The Harry Potter movies neglected the more important chemistry between Ron and Hermione or Harry and Ginny.
  • Furthermore, the dance scene made many movie fans wonder why Harry and Hermione didn’t end up together.
  • Seeing how other crucial relationships were overlooked, Harry and Hermione’s dance feels almost insulting to them.

Some things just don’t ever change. In the Harry Potter fan community, it’s the eternal war book fans wage against the movies, and honestly, we completely get it. While the movies are great on their own, they are far from the best adaptations, missing countless crucial plot and character points in favor of entirely random ones.

That’s why, even after all this time, one of the most heartwarming and wholesome scenes in the Harry Potter movies is still hated by the fans — namely, book fans.

Harry and Hermione Shared a Magical Moment Together

No one can argue with the fact that in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Hermione’s sadness and desperation after Ron’s scandalous exit was shown brilliantly. The girl was devastated with her boyfriend-to-be’s leave, and as much as Harry was pained by the situation in his own right, he wanted to support her.

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One night, he invited Hermione for a dance to cheer her up, and the two friends spent some time dancing and fooling around together. It was one of the rare positive and heartfelt moments in the latest movies, and a beautifully made one — but despite that, most Harry Potter book fans still hate that scene… And rightfully so.

Harry Potter Movies Neglected More Important Chemistry

Story deviations aside, the one thing that bothers Potterheads the most in the movies is how much they changed character dynamics and characters themselves. We could rant about the horribly neglected Ron Weasley and the embarrassingly awkward shoelace scene that “started” Harry and Ginny’s relationship all day.

But we won’t; not today.

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The movies largely ignored Harry and Ron’s unique friendship that was so prominent in the books. The movies didn’t show Ron and Hermione’s feelings gradually developing, which book Harry has been witnessing over the years. The movies substituted Harry’s entire emotional struggle with his love for Ginny with possibly the worst relationship-starter scene in the history of cinema.

For all those crucial character dynamics scenes, there was no screen time; but for a completely unwarranted Harry and Hermione’s dance, there somehow was. Thanks to that, many movie fans are wondering how come Harry and Hermione didn’t end up together since they had “so much chemistry” — but are completely oblivious to the true nature and development of Harry & Ginny and Ron & Hermione’s stories.

That’s why many Potterheads hate the Deathly Hallows dance scene, and honestly? We can’t even blame them for it.