Fans Think They Spotted Plot Hole in Major Upside Down Scene in 'Stranger Things'

Fans Think They Spotted Plot Hole in Major Upside Down Scene in 'Stranger Things'
Image credit: Legion-Media

Season 4 seems to be on track to reveal some mysteries behind the mechanism of the underworld in Hawkins.

With Volume 1 shedding light on some dark parts of the Upside Down, we now got to know how the gates to the mysterious underworld open: through a powerful psychic connection performed by someone like 001 or Eleven.

However, some attentive fans have taken issue with this explanation of wormholes between the worlds. If the case is about the psychic connection, then how did small gates open in Hawkins that we caught a glimpse of in season 1?

For instance, Nancy briefly went into one, and there was also another small gate used by a Demogorgon who climbed into our world through a wall in the Byers' house. It's not like these gates were opened by a psychic effort – unless there were some that we are still unaware of.

Some people tried to come up with a logical explanation.

Others assumed that perhaps 001 and Eleven are simply not the only ones having supernatural abilities in the show. How about Will actually creating the upside Hawkins from scratch with his supernatural powers when he went there?

These things can still be explained in the upcoming volume 2 of season 4, even though we have a little over a month to wait for it to air on Netflix. Given the feature film length of the remaining two episodes, it is quite possible that volume 2 will provide fans with all the answers they so crave – or pose some new questions for the story to continue.