Fans Up in Arms Over Exorcist Sequel Baiting Them By Original Cameo

Fans Up in Arms Over Exorcist Sequel Baiting Them By Original Cameo
Image credit: Legion-Media

The return of the original star did not get the praise the creators might have expected.

The upcoming direct sequel to the 1973 original The Exorcist has just been revealed to include a certain iconic character from the original.

Linda Blair, who portrayed the demon-possessed girl Regan MacNeil, will reprise her role in the sequel, according to Above the Line.

However, the report added that Blair was only on set for a few days, so her appearance in the movie will be limited.

Her character is not the only one to be taken directly from the original, as it is known that Ellen Burstyn, who previously played the role of Chris MacNeil, will also reprise her role.

The fans are not exactly thrilled about this turn of events, as the comment sections show. They give the movie zero chance of success and are outraged by what they see as a cheap trick to get their attention for yet another completely unnecessary sequel/reboot of a horror movie classic.

They find it depressing and wonder if the trend of "this former star does a cameo for a few thousand dollars so we can put him/her in the trailer" should continue.

According to them, this practice has been overused in recent years due to the constant return of old actors to new franchises, and while it has worked in other genres, horror films have not been so lucky.

Fans are also frustrated and tired of seeing their favorite horror franchises dug up from their graves. Many people cite the recent Halloween Ends (2022) as an example of an underwhelming sequel to a horror classic.

The original film revolved around a young girl named Regan and her possession by an ancient demon.

The movie received an extremely positive response from critics and audiences and is considered one of the scariest horror movies of all time.

The official title of the upcoming direct sequel is still unknown, as are plot details and a release date.