Fans Won't Watch The Flash Movie Without This Particular Cameo

Fans Won't Watch The Flash Movie Without This Particular Cameo
Image credit: Legion-Media

Could fans get a 3in1 deal with this upcoming film?

The original Barry Allen was introduced to the viewers in a 1990 TV show The Flash by CBS. Even though it wasn't by any means long-lived and ended in 1991, it had its special place in comic fans' hearts.

The ratings were not as high because of the ever-changing time slot, and high production costs. John Wesley Shipp being the first actor to portray The Flash on-screen became the one to be forever connected with the name.

After John voicing Reverse-Flash in a 2010 episode of the animated series Batman: The Brave and the Bold, and his amazing cameo in The Flash (2014), where he took on the role of Henry Allen, the father of the titular character, everyone became obsessed with the idea to get this man a cameo in every Flash-related piece of media.

Very deserving, obviously, since he was the real MVP for the character and DC franchise overall, but not always possible due to many different reasons.

Of course, right before the upcoming movie The Flash by Warner Bros. and DC Films, the question about Shipp's possible cameo grew.

The actor himself seems very ready to take on any role to support the franchise, no matter who's in production behind the camera.

Even though the movie has already sparked a controversy among fans and the press, the actor seems to fully support it just for the sake of it.

Although, the controversy may have already been resolved, as rumors are spreading about Ezra Miller 's replacement.

It's not confirmed officially, but the most recent merch suggests Grant Gustin 's involvement in a film, which would either make the greatest Flash multiverse ever or be a sign of post-production change.

Either way, The Flash film already got fans very intrigued. The first Flash solo feature film is set to premiere in the US on the 16th of June 2023.