Finn Wolfhard Is Pretty Sure Mike Will Survive Stranger Things Season 5

Finn Wolfhard Is Pretty Sure Mike Will Survive Stranger Things Season 5
Image credit: Netflix

The Stranger Things fanbase has had a few months to get used to not having any new episodes to watch but it’s fair to say that Season 5 is eagerly awaited.

Arguably, Season 4 was the best yet: we learned more about how the Upside Down came to be and the evil going on inside it. Yet, this penultimate season still raised huge questions that we cannot wait to have answers to like what will happen to Max (Sadie Sink )?

Most fans are pretty certain of one thing: there will be deaths in Stranger Things Season 5.

But whose will they be? Given that Max has somewhat been saved, it's unlikely she'll now die from these injuries. Who then? Will? Lucas? Eleven? Mike?

The great thing about the Duffer Brothers is that they keep things close to their chests – and they even change their minds about things along the way too (Steve wasn't meant to live past Season 1, for instance).

Wolfhard, who plays Mike Wheeler, recently said that he didn't believe his character would die in Season 5. During a segment for GQ called Actually Me, Wolfhard went undercover to reply to fans on the internet.

On the Stranger Things Subreddit, someone posted 'Do you think Mike will die in Season 5?' to which Wolfhard immediately retorted:

"I hope not" and then added "Or you know what, I don't know. Depends when. If it's like one of those things where it's like in the first episode cold open, no. Last episode, Mike saves everyone's life […] I'd do that maybe." He then added "No I don't think he will."

When the Duffer brothers recently mentioned a spin-off series, it was Wolfhard who apparently guessed its scope, so he's got form for his correct predictions. What's clear is that Wolfhard doesn't actually know his character's fate yet and so, like the rest of us, we're sure he's keen to find out what the finale season has in store!

According to Newsweek, the Duffer brothers had intended to start filming Season 5 straight after Season 4 but this plan was changed due to the Covid-19 pandemic. As far as we can tell, there isn't even a set date for the start of filming yet!

As such, it's not likely we'll see Stranger Things Season 5 until 2024 so we'll need to wait a long time to find out Mike Wheeler's fate – and everyone else's too, of course!