Finnick Deserved Better, and This Hunger Games Star Agrees (10 Years Too Late)

Finnick Deserved Better, and This Hunger Games Star Agrees (10 Years Too Late)
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Sam Claflin still has fond memories of his character.


  • It's been exactly 10 years since Sam Claflin starred in The Hunger Games: Catching Fire.
  • In so many years, fans are still mourning the loss, as Finnick was one of the most tragic yet noble characters.
  • Sam Claflin shares that sentiment, though he believes the death was a dignified one.

Prior to the release of the first installment of The Hunger Games film franchise, Sam Claflin had, of course, already gained some fame for his screen debut as the tragic missionary Philip Swift in Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides. But it was The Hunger Games that put him on the map, as fans of the books and newcomers to the franchise alike fell in love with the charismatic, shirtless tribute-turned-victor-turned-tribute.

Not everyone thought Claflin was right for the role, and viewers unfamiliar with the original books didn't understand what Finnick was all about or why he was so revered by book fans. But audiences soon embraced Claflin and his Finnick's charisma and fighting skills, as well as his good nature, as he immediately formed an alliance with Katniss.

The character's fate was incredibly sad, and his death only added to the tragedy. Speaking to Variety, Sam Claflin also admitted that Finnick deserved better. Except it's too late to lock the stable when the horse was stolen 10 years ago!

Finnick Deserved Better, the Star of the Hunger Games Believes. So Do We All

In February of this year, ahead of the release of Daisy Jones & the Six, in which Sam Claflin stars (and for which he is currently nominated for Best Actor at the upcoming 81st Golden Globe Awards), Variety caught up with the actor to get his thoughts on The Hunger Games, the last installment of which, Mockingjay — Part 2, was released eight years ago.

As for the fate of Finnick, who would have been torn to shreds by lizards had Katniss not first ordered the Holo to self-destruct, Claflin echoed the fan sentiment, but cited that his character's death was justified, becoming a necessary sacrifice for the good of his friends and Panem as a whole, as well as a necessary redemption for him.

'I think Finnick deserved better. But I think he did the right thing. He's a good guy, sacrificing himself for the cause.'

The Actor About His Experience During the Filming

The actor also shared some insights and talked about his experience of filming when he was still an aspiring actor. Only he is too harsh on himself!

'At the time, I was sh---ing myself — the first topless scene I've ever done, you know? Oh, my God. Also, I didn't have an accent coach in Hunger Games, and I f---ing needed one. I look back and listen to myself like, "God, that's terrible."'

As mentioned above, not everyone thought Claflin was a good fit for the role of Finnick, but even then, the actor was undeterred, convinced that he had to prove himself. Fortunately, he did. However, Finnick was not his favorite character from the novels.

'I read the books, but I was obsessed with Katniss. Also Peeta's journey, getting completely brainwashed and then having to overcome that like that. That was so electric. Everyone's always like, "Finnick's my favorite character." Don't get me wrong – I f----ing loved him as well!'

Sam Claflin Would Love to Reprise His Role

As time goes on and Sam Claflin gains the necessary experience and acting skills, he would like to reprise his role in The Hunger Games.

'I feel a little more confident in myself and comfortable in myself. Especially with a part like Finnick, where he just exudes charisma,' he concluded.

It's unlikely to happen, but who knows, maybe we'll still be honored with the chance to see a prequel spinoff dedicated to Finnick.

Source: Variety.