First Clip From Netflix's 'First Kill' is Weird For Many Reasons

First Clip From Netflix's 'First Kill' is Weird For Many Reasons
Image credit: Netflix

Where do we even begin?

There is a new supernatural teen drama coming to Netflix, titled 'First Kill', and it kicked things off in a really weird way after the first clip from the series was released.

In a clip, we see two girls, one of which literally wastes no time and kisses another, only to reveal later that she is "socially awkward". However, it does not seem like the social awkwardness stood in their way much, as they continued kissing.

At the end of the clip, one of the girls is revealed to have vampire teeth.

It would be a perfectly fine teaser if it wasn't for a handful of bizarre things that fans spotted in the clip, albeit it lasts for around a minute.

First of all, it was all but relatable. How many of us are socially awkward to this extent?

“I’m socially awkward” right after kissing her crush with no hesitation or doubt, – @DDRRBD.

Well, at least there is no hiding.

"Wow, okay. Not wasting any time huh?" They couldn't be more self-aware of whatever this show is about, – @Alfie_ww.

But even if we do not scrutinize the characters' behavior this much… the soundtrack is the icing on the cake.

In the end of the clip, we can hear Ashnikko's 'Slumber Party' – a less-than-family-friendly hip-hop banger about a slumber party where, if we may, girls quickly cross the lines of being friends. Technically, it is quite appropriate for the show clearly centered around a lesbian couple…but it was still a bold choice.

The last weird moment about the clip was the lack of killing.

But we're pretty sure that we'll get to see some of those when 'First Kill' premieres on Netflix on June 10.