First Episodes of 'Ms. Marvel' Seem to Prove Critics Wrong

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Early reviews are in, and they appear to be even more cosmic than Kamala Khan would imagine.

Shortly after being announced, 'Ms. Marvel' did not seem to enjoy a particularly warm welcome: a high-school coming-of-age story about a brown girl from New Jersey was not something that OG superhero fans were eager to see. Besides, Marvel changed Ms. Marvel's powers, drawing even more discontent and having many people's expectations lowered.

However, Wednesday night changed it all, with early reviews for the first two episodes indicating that everyone who got the chance to meet the MCU version of Kamala Khan was in love with her and her story.

It turns out that, amidst dozens of OG superhero stories with all their drama and action, every Marvel fan could use a breath of fresh air.

Seems that Marvel is carefully following the issues that people have with its cinematic universe – and in 'Ms. Marvel', a couple of frequently asked questions are answered.

Even those who had doubts about the show were pleasantly surprised – not least by Iman Vellani's performance.

Vellani also delivered the long overdue representation in the MCU, bringing joy to many fans who have not felt seen before.

'Ms. Marvel' arrives at Disney Plus on June 8, inviting us to join Kamala Khan on her self-discovering journey.

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