Flash Not Getting a Trailer Is Somehow Ezra Miller's Fault, According to Fans

Flash Not Getting a Trailer Is Somehow Ezra Miller's Fault, According to Fans
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The embattled Flash actor has weathered a lot of accusations recently.

Despite the controversy that Ezra Miller, who portrays Warner Bros.' Flash, has been mired in, the Flash movie has not been cancelled like many people demanded. Instead, it was postponed to June 2023.

However, the movie does not enjoy a lot of marketing in the wake of Miller, who uses they/them pronouns, facing accusations of grooming and kidnapping as well as assaulting people. The actor has since pledged to work on his mental health and seek help, but the scandal did not go anywhere.

With no cancellation but no promotional materials either, upset fans pin the blame for the absence of the trailer on Miller. The discontent was fueled by reports that the trailer isn't coming out soon.

"I guarantee if Ezra wasn't breaking the law we would have definitely gotten one trailer or at least a first look at the movie by now," Twitter user IMMY_ISLAM suggested.

Many people appeared to share the sentiment, arguing that the long-anticipated movie is now mired by Miller's misadventures.

However, others beg to differ. One person argued that even Black Adam did not get a trailer four months before its release, so for Flash, which is to premiere in seven months, it is way too early to already drop any kind of a teaser.

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Flash is expected to hit theaters on June 23, 2023. After being accused of harassment, kidnapping and other felonies, Miller was on the brink of losing the role of the scarlet speedster. However, it seems that Warner Bros. decided to keep him as Flash — at least for the upcoming movie, with the future of the speedster remaining unknown as of now.

The trailer release date also remains unclear, but it is unlikely to be dropped this year.