Flopped Thriller Disaster With 19% Tomatometer Mysteriously Enters Prime's Top

Flopped Thriller Disaster With 19% Tomatometer Mysteriously Enters Prime's Top
Image credit: Lionsgate

People are now recalling the flop which falls apart from the very beginning.


  • The badly-received psychological mystery thriller from 2022 now conquers Prime’s worldwide chart, despite its presumable destiny to be forgotten.
  • It follows a lonely millionaire who falls for a woman who appears to be not who she is pretending to be.

We may be in a thriller genre crisis right now, as Prime Video Global Chart now assembles only one thriller, which was released two years ago and was critically punished. However, it didn’t lose at the outskirts of cinematic history, but, on the contrary, got recalled by the audience, as now it’s holding the ninth place in the top.

The story of this psychological horror revolves around Chris, a divorced tech millionaire who lives in a specially secured home made by his own company. However, his loneliness and detachment from the world gets interfered with by a former model Sky.

Chris quickly falls for this charming young woman named Sky and, after breaking his leg, he allows her to enter his unreachable house, where she steps in as his nurse and lover. However, she starts to behave oddly enough to make the man question her intentions.

The movie, offering the remarkable twist, tries to emphasize the presence of psychological elements in it, connected with the depiction of Sky’s real connection to Chris and the latter’s inner conflict, with reflections of his former family included.

However, its psychology doesn’t really follow real-life logic, as the movie’s main narrative thread starts tearing apart from the very scene of the encounter of the main characters. It is added by the further development of the plot and by the introduction of the rest of the characters, which spoil the whole movie’s game even more.

The movie stars the Shameless actor Cameron Monaghan as Chris and the newcomer Lilly Krug as Sky, who are joined by Frank Grillo and John Malkovich. Disappointingly, these stars didn’t help the movie not to suffer from its ridiculously poor writing.

Titled Shattered, this thriller is reminiscent of classic femme fatale thrillers like Body Double (1984), Fatal Attraction (1987) and Basic Instinct (1992). There was obviously a curious attempt to modernize this trope to our realities, which almost entirely failed.

“I still laugh at myself for enjoying a "bad" movie so thoroughly, says Redditor @jgclarke about Shattered, and we can fully agree with them. Indeed, the movie can perfectly serve as a guilty pleasure flick to watch with friends and to make fun of it together.

Satisfy your needs for cringe with this thriller, available for watching on Prime Video. and currently enjoying #9 spot in its global top.