Forget B-Movie Cheese: 10 Zombie Films That Are Actually Genius

Forget B-Movie Cheese: 10 Zombie Films That Are Actually Genius
Image credit: Legion-Media

Though the idea of zombies may seem rather mundane in 2024, when hordes of the undead have long since become one of the most common monster types in movies, that wasn't always the case.

Back in the day, vampires and werewolves ruled the roost when it came to monsters, and zombies went through quite an extensive period before reaching their current standing as horror icons.

Here are 10 of the best zombie movies that made the genre viable:

All of the movies mentioned above are icons of the horror genre - each and every one of them was instrumental in making zombies the definitive villains of scary movies, and that alone makes them worth watching.

If you thought Night of the Living Dead was so old it was practically unwatchable, think again! If it weren't for this John Romero production, we probably wouldn't have zombies, because every movie after it shamelessly copied the zombies the director invented. Watching this horror in 2024 will certainly deepen your knowledge of zombie movies, and despite its age, it will certainly scare you!

The zombie movies still feel better than ever, especially in the indie industry, where directors can still subvert some expectations and invent some new tactics to make zombies even scarier!