Forget Clint Eastwood, This 60s Music Star Deserved to Be the King of Westerns More

Forget Clint Eastwood, This 60s Music Star Deserved to Be the King of Westerns More
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He got a different title instead.

No matter how much time has passed, some cultural figures leave their mark on history forever. Whether they are actors, writers, artists, musicians, or architects, true talents live on in the hearts and minds of their fans, and their works are cherished centuries later.

Elvis Presley, the King of Rock and Roll, will never be forgotten. Despite his questionable personality, controversial relationships, and various destructive habits, it is difficult to deny his talent in anything musical. However, many treat Presley’s acting career with condescension.

Presley's movies were never beloved by critics, but were always huge commercial successes because he was beloved by audiences. Ironically, his most serious projects went unnoticed every single time. Yet they revealed his acting talent far better than just another romantic musical comedy.

What Western Did Elvis Presley Star In?

Back in 1960, Elvis Presley was part of the cast of Don Siegel's musical western called Flaming Star. It was one of his few dramatic roles and, according to many, one of his best performances ever.

The movie follows the story of Pacer Burton, the son of a Kiowa mother and a Texas rancher father. He has no worries about being mixed up until the Kiowa start raiding neighboring homesteads. Torn between two sides, Pacer must face his inner conflict and somehow bring peace to all involved.

The movie stands today with a high rating of 91% on Rotten Tomatoes, but unfortunately it wasn't that much of a success upon its release. Looking at how the movie did in theaters, Presley made the decision to go back to the style of movies that worked best for him and leave such serious roles behind.

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Unfortunately for both the audience and the actor himself, no matter how poignant his portrayal of Pacer Burton was, he wasn't destined to become the new Clint Eastwood of the Western genre. The lack of traditional masculinity and the image he had already built for himself made him a victim of typecasting.

If you want to see Elvis Presley's performance in Flaming Star and judge for yourself, you can rent or buy the movie to watch on demand on Amazon Prime Video or Apple TV.