Forget Romione, This is Harry Potter's True Power Couple

Forget Romione, This is Harry Potter's True Power Couple
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Harry Potter has oh so many amazing pairings both in canon and in fanfiction, but you've likely missed the biggest and most bothersome power couple in the entire series.

You thought Ron and Hermione had a perfect balance in their relationship? You imagined Hagrid and Madame Maxime to be the strongest pair?

Maybe, you even considered the chemistry between Harry and Ginny the best?

Get ready for all of your illusions to fade away as we present to you the ultimate power couple of the Wizarding World: Argus Filch and Dolores Umbridge!

We know what you're thinking: didn't Filch already have a thing with Madam Pince? Or wasn't that cat his bewitched life?

Or wouldn't Umbridge have hated Filch's guts since he was a squib which she despised? But we're having none of this!

Here are the three main reasons why these two would've made a perfect pair.

Hate and ambition

What made Argus and Dolores combine so well in the original series? They both hated Hogwarts students and kids in general and sought to discomfort or hurt them in various ways.

Apart from the general attitude, this gave them the feeling of power which they loved — that's why Filch was so excited about Umbridge taking over.


Dolores is a white-collar witch that's used to having everything served on a nasty-pink plate.

Argus Filch, on the other hand, is a working man who can do everything by himself without relying on magic.

While it may seem like Umbridge didn't need him as a wizard, we see her constantly relying on him, and vice versa.

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Since they both hate kids, Umbridge and Filch would've needed something else in common in their relationship. How lucky it is that they both adore cats!

Filch has his Ms. Norris, and Umbridge has an entire collection including every item in the world but with a cat on it. They would've totally had a big, happy, and very furry family.

We're not the first ones to notice this couple, though.

Fans on the largest Harry Potter subreddit did, too: in this discussion, people come up with weird names for the pairing, muse about what their private life would've looked like (for some ungodly reason), and weigh the pros and cons of Argus and Dolores' relationship.

This is pretty fun, but still very strange. Especially the comments about their private life. Ew.