Forgotten Hugh Jackman’s $300M Sci-Fi Sports Drama Dubbed ‘Beyond Typical’ Eyes a Sequel 

Forgotten Hugh Jackman’s $300M Sci-Fi Sports Drama Dubbed ‘Beyond Typical’ Eyes a Sequel 
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And might even get one soon.

Who doesn’t like a loud movie with eye-catching visuals and a lot of action going on on screen. Well, add to that a heartfelt story and a brilliant actor from a beloved actor and you’ll get an all-time hit movie!

One of such movies is definitely 2011 Real Steel featuring Hugh Jackman and Evangeline Lilly. Despite the fact that the movie hit the big screen 13 years ago, the fandom of the film is still pretty strong minded about how amazing it was and how it deserved a sequel.

And really, what’s not to like? The movie revolves around a father and son who are bonding due to their common interest in a new sport that is taking the world by storm. Everything takes place in the near future, where the people are no longer interested in boxing or similar things, but are rather excited to see robots fighting instead of humans.

Jackman plays the role of Charlie, a former boxer who tries to find a place in this new robotic reality, with his son Max. Together they find an old-school robot named Atom, who seems weak, but with the encouragement from Max they decide to give him a chance and teach him to fight.

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Real Steel has everything a great action drama should have, and it’s also a brilliant sports drama that has everything one should have and more. A lot of fans claim that it could have been the alternate to the Rocky franchise, but in a robotic universe.

“It seems like a no-brainer that they should spin that into an entire franchise of robot boxing action. Yeah there were a couple alright games and some figures but the potential for sequels in the style of Rocky was definitely there,” Redditor jqud said.

Will There Be Real Steel 2?

However, despite it being 13 years after the movie’s release, now the fans are closer than ever to getting a sequel. Apparently, the director Shawn Levy and Hugh Jackman are always talking about the possibility of creating Real Steel 2, mostly because the fans are still demanding it.

While we are waiting for the second part of the acclaimed movie, you can stream the first chapter of Real Steel on Prime.