Friends: 5 Hilarious Unscripted Scenes That Were Kept in the Final Cut

Friends: 5 Hilarious Unscripted Scenes That Were Kept in the Final Cut
Image credit: NBC

Friends had amazing writers who kept coming up with hilarious jokes — but in many cases, the funniest moments came naturally and were just kept in the final version.

5. Dummy Ross

When Ross asks his ex-girlfriend Rachel to take care of his son Ben for a while, she teaches him about practical jokes. Later down the line, Ben and Ross use this knowledge to prank Rachel herself by dropping a Dummy Ross from the staircase in front of her. Rachel’s horrified screams were Jennifer Aniston ’s genuine reaction: no one bothered to notify her about this detail in advance.

4. Evil Twin

When Joey stars in Days of Our Lives, he encounters an insane fan who thinks he is actually his character and asks his friends to save him from her. Rachel and Monica convince the fan that Joey is, in fact, his character’s evil twin who used both them and her. They spill water in Joey’s face, but then Matthew Perry joins in and splashes Matt LeBlanc, too, accusing him of leaving the toilet seat up.

3. Wrong Name

Ross saying the wrong name during his wedding ceremony with Emily and instantly ruining his second marriage is one of the most iconic moments in Friends — and it was a result of David Schwimmer ’s mistake. The actor accidentally said “Rachel” instead of “Emily” and the show’s creators didn’t hesitate to change the script immediately because of how great the scene was.

2. Drawer Fatality

One of the most dangerous Chandler has ever had — the one with Rachel’s boss — led to him being cuffed to a cabinet threatening Rachel to let him free. The pinnacle of his tirade was when he tried to gesticulate and accidentally hit himself in the head with the cabinet’s drawer with a loud and painful noise. This was pure improvisation from Matthew Perry, and Jennifer Aniston’s shock was natural.

1. Blazer Black

Perhaps the most famous mistake that led to an iconic moment happened when Matthew Perry messed up his one-liner and said, “Donald Trump wants his blue blazer black” instead of “back.” Other actors jumped at the opportunity to troll Perry while staying in character, and after they were done making fun of their co-star, the creators left the scene as it was since it was just too funny.