Friends’ Most Hated Character Actually Didn’t Deserve It At All

Friends’ Most Hated Character Actually Didn’t Deserve It At All
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There is always some kind of hatred that occurs from nowhere with the reason “just because”. Friends’ Emily is the great example of this paradox.

The English girl Emily is maybe the only person in the whole series who received too much hate. No other "other woman" of Ross Geller's ever got as many rotten tomatoes as Emily.

Although her character never actually did anything bad, not to Ross, not to anyone else on the show. She just arrived at a bad time and accidentally made Ross happy. For some time...

Fans immediately hated Emily for several reasons. First of all, because she simply appeared in the show as Ross' potential love interest. This meant that the happiness of the all-time favorite couple Ross and Rachel would be on hold for some time.

Then the hatred of the fans increased when they realized that it wasn't just a fling, but that Ross was actually serious about this girl and even wanted to marry her, which meant his relationship with Rachel was under threat again.

The third thing that pissed fans off before the iconic moment at the wedding was that they realized that Rachel is not over Ross and wants to be with him! But that Emily was one step away from marrying him and ending any chance that Ross and Rachel could be together again.

Well, up until now, we can actually try to understand the fans' hatred for the "intruder" that Emily was. But then came the "name confusion" moment at the wedding, which should have changed everything, but instead it only backfired on poor Emily.

Ross had mistakenly said Rachel's name instead of Emily's and humiliated her at her own wedding in front of all her family and friends! Seriously, how can we hate the poor girl after that?

Moreover, the end was nowhere near for Emily. After all this confusion, Ross does not know any better than to offer his ex-girlfriend Rachel to go on his honeymoon with him. Worst of all, Emily witnesses what could have been the beginning of a relationship between two exes at the airport.

Of course later she would try to do everything to make her “husband” steer clear from the Rachel-named woman. And even after all that, Emily was still the scapegoat for the entire Friends fandom.

But all of that was really unfair to a girl who was just caught in the middle of two people's unfinished business. Still feel like hating Emily? Let's hope not.