From TBBT to The Simpsons: 9 Craziest Spider-Man References on TV  

From TBBT to The Simpsons: 9 Craziest Spider-Man References on TV  
Image credit: CBS, Fox

Looks like Spider-Man has been leaving his mark all over the place.

Spider-Man is such a huge figure in the entertainment industry that we bet you have been pleasantly surprised (at least once) by a sudden appearance or cheeky reference to Spidey, while watching TV.

Actually, many different TV projects made a reference or featured Spider-Man, and we are about to break down the best of them.

1. Robot Chicken

This stop-motion show is known for its parodies, and Spider-Man is one of its victims. With dark humor and action figure gags, Robot Chicken gave us some of the most hilarious Spidey moments.

2. The Big Bang Theory

The only live-action TV show on the list couldn’t resist throwing in some Spider-Man references. In the first episode of season 6, Sheldon quoted Peter’s iconic speech from the first Spider-Man movie to Amy. She was stunned.

3. Family Guy

Peter Griffin as Spider-Man? Yep, it happened. Family Guy is packed with Spidey references, with Peter Griffin cosplaying as our web-slinging hero and even Spider-Man himself making appearances. One of the best gags is “Everybody gets one.”

4. Amphibia

An entire episode titled Spider-Sprig is a big reference to Spider-Man, with Sprig trying to be a superhero and fighting a villain reminiscent of Doc Ock.

5. The Loud House

This Disney show has King making a small nod to Spider-Man, reminding us that with great power comes great responsibility.

6. The Simpsons

The Simpsons is a show that’s no stranger to pop culture references. From the iconic Spider-Pig to Homer dressing up as Spider-Man, Springfield has had its fair share of Spidey moments.

7. Teen Titans Go!

Despite mixed reviews, Teen Titans Go! has its moments, including references to Spider-Man’s famous words about power and responsibility, even though it’s DC’s animated series.

8. Phineas and Ferb

The Mission Marvel special may have received mixed reviews, but seeing Spider-Man play a big role and Perry the Platypus with the Avengers is pretty epic.

9. Fairly Odd Parents

Timmy Turner gaining Spidey’s powers in an episode was a dream come true for many kids, making it one of the best Spider-Man references on TV.