General Hospital Fans Threaten To Drop It Unless Sprina Nonsense Fades Away

General Hospital Fans Threaten To Drop It Unless Sprina Nonsense Fades Away
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Fans are sick and tired of this unfair balance of screen time.


  • General Hospital is a soap opera that has kept fans invested in its stories for more than 60 years.
  • Recent seasons have become annoying for viewers because of the unbalanced screen time for the show's characters.
  • All the main storylines revolve around the most boring couple, which makes the show almost impossible to watch.

General Hospital is one of the longest-running soap operas that ever existed on TV. The fact that our eldest started watching it even before we were born, and now we are invested in the same show just as they were.

However, even the most diehard fans will get annoyed if the series suddenly becomes too focused on one ridiculous couple, whether they are in a relationship or are just rivals of sorts, and revolve all the storylines around them.

When that happens, even the most invested viewers start losing interest in the show, because, well, watching a soap opera where there are hundred recurring characters implies following the stories about all of them.

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Well, this time all of the audience's anger falls on... Sprina, the short term referring to the couple of Spencer Cassadine and Trina Robinson (for those who are not familiar).

“I have thought this for some time but it has gotten worse since the show has been giving all the stories, trips, and adventures to the show's most boring couple, Sprina. Sprina has been shoved down our throats and it doesn't even feel earned because they are such a boring couple,” Redditor jaylee-03031 said.

The fans claim that the show needs to be more balanced in the portrayal of its characters, and that giving all the time to just one couple that is not even that compelling is the wrong way to keep the audience invested.

“Part of the problem is that the cast is too bloated because the writers are trying to satisfy the old guard by maintaining legacy characters while still gaining a young audience by having storylines for the college kids. They just can’t fit it all in and they need to pick a lane,” Redditor leoliad said.

If you want to better understand why the fandom is so angry, General Hospital is available to stream on Hulu – tune in to the show!