Graham Norton Mocked Henry Cavill's Most Wholesome Hobby

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Aside from being a huge fan of The Witcher books by Polish author Andrzej Sapkowski, Henry Cavill, who famously portrayed the main character Geralt of Rivia, is a tabletop gaming nut.

One of his serious gaming addictions is Warhammer 40,000, an addiction shared by millions of people because it is the most popular miniature game on the planet!

Henry Cavill made this revelation on The Graham Norton Show in 2021 and the host tried to poke fun at the star's passion.

First, he got the name of the game wrong, calling it World of Warcraft. "It's Warhammer, Graham," Cavill corrected him. Every subsequent question the cocky host asked about the details of Warhammer was like a jab at Cavill, as if to say – how come such a star is playing table games for nerds, you should be ashamed!

Hopefully, what Cavill shared with Norton was educational. The Witcher actor told him why you have to paint the Warhammer figures. "You have to paint the figures and it's just how much effort you put into it." He went on to say that there was a "painting side of the hobby" and a "gaming side of the hobby."

Then Norton asked Cavill what he did with them afterward. "Then you, erm, you put them together in little armies and you fight against someone else's army," Cavill said as the studio guests burst out laughing. "It's a lot of fun," the actor added, "no matter how ridiculous it sounds."

Cavill's hobby looks really wholesome and does make him a down-to-earth person who shares a passion for what other, ordinary people love so much. This brings him closer to his fans and builds an army of loyal admirers – just like in Warhammer.

Cavill's love for the fantasy world is undoubtedly what made him so great in the role of Geralt – even the author of The Witcher once admitted it, saying that he was "more than happy with Henry Cavill's appearance as The Witcher."

"Henry gave his [face] to Geralt and it shall be forever so," Sapkowski said. His passion was so strong that he was reportedly forced to leave The Witcher series due to his disagreements with the writers over how closely the script should follow the original books.

Some of Hollywood's A-listers are indeed very passionate. Julia Roberts, for example, has a knitting hobby, as does Ryan Gosling, who learned to knit on the set of Lars and the Real Girl. And if you ever wondered what Mike Tyson's favorite pastime might be – it is pigeon racing! The ex-boxer has been a fan of the birds since childhood because, as he used to say, the hobby was an escape from the bullying he faced for being overweight. Imagine that!

Cavill is also no stranger to World of Warcraft. He once openly admitted that he missed a call from Zack Snyder because he was playing the game. Had he not returned the call, we would never have had him as Superman in Man of Steel.

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