Greta Gerwig’s 99%-Rated Comedy With 5 Oscar Nods Leaves Netflix, So Hurry Up

Greta Gerwig’s 99%-Rated Comedy With 5 Oscar Nods Leaves Netflix, So Hurry Up
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Coming-of-age dramas were never this funny!


  • Greta Gerwig's Lady Bird is a highly praised piece of cinema.
  • At the center of the film is a story of a young girl finding her way in life.
  • The movie is leaving Netflix on March 2.

Barbie, directed by Greta Gerwig, was a true hit of 2023, quickly making it to the list of must-watch movies – no matter if you are a fan of the iconic Mattel doll or couldn’t care less.

However, if you are already among those who loved it, chances are you’ll also love Gerwig’s directing debut, a movie called Lady Bird, especially since it’s going to leave Netflix in just a couple of days.

Well, Lady Bird is a coming-of-age comedy drama that centers on a young girl named Christine McPherson, brilliantly played by Saoirse Ronan. Growing up in the 90s, she goes to a Catholic school and has a lot of problems girls her age usually have.

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That includes things like first loves, relationship drama with her mother, the uncertainty of future and many more scary things. She is so full of life, but her real life in Sacramento lacks everything, and that makes her feel sad.

Lady Bird is a nickname she gave herself, and all she wants in this life is to move to another city and end up in a prestigious college. In her last year of school she meets Danny and they start dating, only for her to realize he’s not a keeper and move on with her life.

She starts working in a coffee shop and meets another guy, and this time Christine is determined to make it work. The stories that unfold in the movie are so warm and genuinely funny that you can’t stop smiling while watching it.

“The characters are so warm and vivid I just wanted to stay with them for three more hours until after the credits rolled. It’s been a while since a film really made me relate and care about the characters in them. The screenplay is fantastic and even though the film heavily relies on dialogue in most scenes, it never felt overwhelming to see these characters interacting with each other,” Redditor Jonyb5556 said.

If you want to dive deeper into this wholesome movie, it’s time to watch Lady Bird on Netflix, before it leaves the platform on March 2.