Grey's Anatomy 19x03 Scene Leaves Fans "Beyond Appalled"

Grey's Anatomy 19x03 Scene Leaves Fans
Image credit: ABC

Grey's Anatomy fans can't get over a five-second sex scene at the end of the third episode, season 19.

The new episode of the famous Shonda Rhimes show was largely dedicated to abortion bans in some states and consequently sex education among teenagers – and doctors, for that matter.

Appalled by the Supreme Court ruling, Miranda, Jo, and Addison decided that it was important to properly educate high school students about different types of contraception. While creating a sex-ed curriculum for schools, they settled on talking to teenagers in their language – through short videos.

Acknowledging that they are not experts in the area of social media, the trio called on interns of Grey Sloan to become their on-camera talent and put Jules, Benson, and Mika in front of an audience full of teenagers.

Long story short, the interns successfully shook off the uneasiness of the theme and shook up the tough crowd in front of them. They in fact managed to educate not only teenagers but also the doctors of Grey Sloan, who seemed to learn some new tricks. Naturally, the episode ends with a little montage of different couples having a good consensual time practicing the new tricks they learned, especially ones involving different erogenous zones.

Grey's Anatomy Season 19 Tanked by Fans Who Think the Show is One-Sided

Teddy and Owen had stopped arguing for a minute and Owen showed his animal side, attacking Teddy in a wild sexual advance. It happened to the visible delight of Teddy and the resentment of the show's fans. Amelia and Kai reunited after their long-distance thing. Interns Jules and Benson also ended up in bed together, after agreeing it would be a one-time thing – which we know doesn't exist in Grey's Anatomy.

But the most dreadful for many fans scene happened between Link and Jo, who got off during a foot rub – leaving some of the viewers on Reddit "beyond appalled." The image of Jo moaning in pleasure and Link's face at that moment is something fans are to never scrub from their thoughts. Though the characters claim they've moved past their relationship, might this weird sexual foot scene be a hint that they'll get back together?

The cringy sex scenes between Towen and Jolink made fans remember that the show has never been good with its intimate scenes.

"They'll only ever start the scene with them just finishing or end the scene before it can get too PG-13. It does not surprise me that an episode dedicated to actually filming those scenes went so horribly," a Reddit fan wrote.