Grey's Anatomy Cringiest Scene Fans Can't Help but Skip Every Time

Grey's Anatomy Cringiest Scene Fans Can't Help but Skip Every Time
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As Grey's Anatomy has been running for quite some time, some cringy scenes are to be expected, without a doubt.

And let's be honest, we've all had to skip a few scenes here and there. But some are simply more embarrassing to watch than others. So, which one takes the cake according to Reddit? Read on and find out (it might not be what you think it is)!

From Link rubbing Jo's feet to ghost lovemaking, this hit series doesn't exactly hold back when it comes to portraying moments that make viewers want to cover their eyes. But the most upvoted cringy scene fans can't help but skip every time is actually George and Meredith's hook-up!

What Went Down

In order to explain why it's so bad, we'd have to give a brief recap of the backstory and what happened in that scene first. After all, not everyone remembers every detail after so many seasons.

Grey's Anatomy' s Never Been Good with Sex Scenes, but Season 19 is the Worst

From the very beginning of the show, it was clear that George is in love with Meredith. However, she only saw him as a friend. Despite that, George still tried to pursue her, which she usually avoided. She also never acknowledged the fact that he had feelings for her. That was until her break-up with Derek happened, which made her vulnerable. So, one day, when she was barely holding it together and drunk, she hooked up with George. The situation ended with Meredith bursting into tears and George storming out.

What Makes This Scene So Cringy

Well, the whole situation was a little bit creepy. George knew that Meredith was drunk and emotionally vulnerable. So, it looked like he saw an opportunity and took advantage of the situation, considering that she had never shown any interest in him before. Of course, some fans point out it was a mutual decision, but it doesn't make the scene any less cringe-worthy.

The whole scene is clearly set up to make viewers feel uncomfortable, and uncomfortable they feel indeed. As one Reddit user put it, "When he comes up after going down on her like a puppy looking for praise…" Just. Ugh.

Many Redditors say they even started disliking George after this, with some adding that he's the ultimate definition of the "nice guy" who's actually not that nice and always plays the victim.

Whenever you plan on rewatching Grey's Anatomy, you already know you may be in for a few awkward moments. However, it's undeniable that George and Meredith's hook-up is the one that fans always make sure to skip as they simply can't bear to watch it, and we can totally relate to this.

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