Grey's Anatomy Fan-Favorite Exes Reunite in a Christmas Movie

Grey's Anatomy Fan-Favorite Exes Reunite in a Christmas Movie
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Grey's Anatomy long-time fans have something to look forward to this Christmas.

A new Lifetime Christmas movie will reunite Sarah Drew who played Dr. April Kepner and Justin Bruening portraying April's fiancé and then husband, paramedic Matthew Taylor.

The Christmas movie titled Reindeer Games Homecoming will tell the story of a teacher MacKenzie (Sarah Drew) who competes in a popular Christmas fundraiser called the Reindeer Games to honor the memory of her late father.

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While MacKenzie takes part in the fundraiser annually, this year becomes special as her high school crush Chase (Justin Bruening) shows up to play against her. Amid the competition, a spark between the two of them ignites.

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Sarah Drew acted not only as the main star but also as an executive producer and screenwriter of the Christmas movie. It has become her writing debut. So it was very important for Drew to find a co-star who would support her and be perfect for the role. No wonder, the actress opted for Justin Bruening, one of her onscreen exes and "her work husband" as Drew describes the actor.

"We have great chemistry together. It's so easy to work with him," the actress told EW.

Besides playing a couple on Grey's Anatomy, Drew and Bruening had another experience co-starring together. The actors played husband and wife in Indivisible, a wartime drama telling the story of Army Chaplain Darren Turner and his wife Heather fighting to save their marriage. So Drew knows what she talks about when she says the actors have great chemistry together.

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However, the actress claims that the romance between the main characters in Reindeer Games Homecoming will be very different from that between April and Matthew in Grey's Anatomy and Turners in Invisible. With her screenplay, Drew wanted to show an unknown side of Justin Bruening and let him be as funny as he is in real life.

According to Drew, besides Bruening's humor, we are to expect a heartwarming romantic story, lots of exciting games, a retro romantic comedy vibe, and of course the Christmas spirit. All in all, Reindeer Games Homecoming could become a trip down memory lane not only for the main characters who will revisit their high school days but also for Grey's Anatomy fans who will have a chance to see one of the fan-favorite couples together again. The movie is set to release November 12th, 2022.