Grey's Anatomy Most Toxic Couple is Also Its Most Entertaining

Grey's Anatomy Most Toxic Couple is Also Its Most Entertaining
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Grey's Anatomy is famous for combining serious medical themes with tons of personal relationship drama between the characters.

While some of those on-screen relationships might have taught us a thing or two about love, some are borderline unhealthy. Although toxic unions are not exactly great, fans of the show find them entertaining to watch, and there's one couple that truly stands out for all the wrong reasons. Have you already guessed which one? Let's see if you were right.

Of course, there are plenty of different couples the fandom has disliked over the years. Some people can't stand Meredith and Derek, others Lexie and Mark. So, it's not like there's a lack of options here! But Redditors have spoken, and the award for the most toxic, but entertaining couple of the show goes to (drum roll)... Teddy and Owen.

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When it comes to bringing hostility and chaotic energy to the series, this pair does it best. From Teddy having an affair and not coming clean about it to the duo's endless bickering and arguments – there's been a lot going on, to put it simply. They can be borderline deranged and messy, and that's exactly what makes them interesting to watch.

Now, don't get us wrong, toxic relationships are, by no means, good. And they shouldn't be taken as an example of what relationships should be like, even if it's on-screen. However, fans love it, as twisted as it sounds. What's more, they think this is exactly why they need to stay in the show. Some have even said it would be boring if all the couples were perfect.

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That's not to say there haven't been any complaints about the pair, specifically Teddy. She has received criticism for being horrible to other characters outside her relationship with Owen. Some Redditors have suggested that a healthier addition to her storyline could be her going to therapy.

That would definitely show the viewers that even if you're toxic, you can grow from it. But would that make for a good drama? Well, fans argue that no one else would be able to give the viewers such a good performance other than those two.

While Teddy and Owen's relationship might not be the best example of how people should treat their partners, fans simply love hating their drama, dubbing them a glorious mess!