Grey's Anatomy Seems Intent on Making Nick Look Bad – Literally

Grey's Anatomy Seems Intent on Making Nick Look Bad – Literally
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Grey's Anatomy has been a fan favorite for 19 seasons running. The medical-drama series premiered in 2005 and follows the lives of surgeons of different levels and specialties as they try to balance and navigate their personal and professional relationships inside as well as the outside the hospital environment.

Grey's Anatomy has won awards for its excellent plot, with just the right amount of competition, risk, and romance between surgeons to keep fans on the edge of their seats. It is also undeniable that one of the things that make Grey's Anatomy so attractive to fans is the cast.

Two of the original male cast were nicknamed "McDreamy" and "McSteamy," referring to their good looks. One of them was the husband of the main character Meredith Grey and unfortunately passed away in season 11, leaving Meredith heartbroken.

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In comes Nick Marsh. In season 14, he and Meredith connect whilst she treats him in hospital for complications of a kidney transplant and ultimately saves his life. Although this was just a guest appearance, he returns in season 18, this time as a serious romantic interest for Meredith.

As expected with Grey's Anatomy, there is a lot of tension, fear, and back-and-forth between the two before they begin a real relationship. Fans are delighted, but something seems a little bit off.

Taking to Reddit, fans have developed the idea that Grey's Anatomy is trying to make Nick look unattractive, and looking at the evidence, this theory seems hard to argue with.

It has not been forgotten that he did, in fact, have a kidney transplant, but in season 18 he still looks like the man who almost didn't survive his surgery. Some Redditors call this accuracy and praise the writers and directors for staying true to his backstory, whilst others feel that his character is being done an injustice.

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Although he was still good-looking when he was sick, in season 18, when he returns full-time, fans feel that his character looks sloppy and tired. He slouches and he never seems to look as well-dressed or put-together as the other characters.

Fans on Reddit have pointed out that he has appeared in the series Felicity as well as the Underworld movies and was known for his good looks. What happened then in Grey's Anatomy? The running joke is that the wardrobe and styling department don't like him, and that's why he appears the way he is.

He doesn't seem to rank as high as Meredith's late husband Derek or "McDreamy" looks wise in the eyes of fans, but he is the only one who has made her feel anything since Derek's passing, which is the most important part and he seems to potentially become her perfect match. His character is witty and kind, and gentle, which makes him attractive to many, but only time will tell if the wardrobe department decides to make any improvements to his character looks-wise. Fans can only quietly hope.