Grey's Anatomy Completely Ruined Fall Finale By Spoiling the Hell Out of It

Grey's Anatomy Completely Ruined Fall Finale By Spoiling the Hell Out of It
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Saying goodbye would be so much more cathartic.

Warning: the following article contains spoilers for Grey's Anatomy season 19 episode 6

After teasing an emotional rollercoaster that would make you "call out sick" the next day at work in the midseason finale, Grey's Anatomy creators appeared to ruin everything with their own hands.

The fall finale was being touted as something that would make fans go insane, especially when Camilla Luddington (Dr. Jo Wilson) fueled the fire of people's pre-episode fears by her piece of advice.

"I think the general rule should always be that if we have a midseason finale, you should not be at work the [next] day. It should just be an automatic call out sick," Luddington told ET, immediately stoking up even more buzz in the fandom. "... Just call out sick. When have we ever had a midseason finale that's gone swimmingly well? It's not gonna happen. No."

Well, now that the fall finale has arrived, fans could not be more... disappointed. What happened was that the only victim in the episode was Meredith's house that got burnt down. And yes, while it definitely already felt like a separate character after all these years, but that definitely did not live up to the scale of the tragedy fans were expecting.

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Many people noted that the network, in fact, undermined the importance of the fall finale's "victim" by releasing promo materials earlier that actually already revealed that the house caught fire.

"The network screwed up by spoiling it. It would have had a bigger impact if no one was expecting it. They probably realized and deleted them, but it was too late since they were already circulating all over social media," one Redditor noted.

Another fan added that pretty much nothing in the episode actually sparks interest, and the only saving grace was Post-It. Naturally, fans feel sad about the house: after all, so many memories, from Izzie's party to Harrieth's birth, are connected with it. However, it could have been burnt down to show that Meredith is "moving on from all things Ellis" — or just "moving on from all things, period."

Still, few fans feel the need to call in sick at work. Now that Grey's Anatomy is on a hiatus, they will have to wait until the show returns on February 23. The comeback will also need fans to be morally prepared for the medical drama's biggest departure, as the series' lead Ellen Pompeo is set to bid adieu.