Grey's Anatomy Is Just a Revolving Door of Love-Hate For Fans At This Point

Grey's Anatomy Is Just a Revolving Door of Love-Hate For Fans At This Point
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The most important thing about this door is that it always open to welcome you back.


  • Currently in its 20th season, Grey's Anatomy is a staple med drama
  • After many rewatching sessions, fans constantly change their favorites
  • Some characters and their arcs aged badly, while others, on the contrary, managed to ascend

When a show lasts for a whopping 20 seasons, it's already a milestone. At this point, one cannot really complain about tired storylines or lack of realism; for such a staple TV project, it's enough for Grey's Anatomy to just keep going.

However, it's only natural for fans to rewatch the show from time to time and reconsider some of the show's realities. For instance, some people found themselves suddenly loathing their once-favorite characters, while those they hated get surprisingly likable.

Grey's Anatomy has been quite a journey for this entire time, but the very concept of emotional rollercoaster seems to become a defining one for this show.

Alex Karev

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A lot of conflicting opinions circulate in the fandom about this character. It's not a new story for a show to introduce an arrogant and annoying character only to bless him with a beautiful arc that highlights his growth.

And just when Grey's Anatomy fans learned to love him, then — bam! Karev leaves in season 16. However, some people still think that even his character growth does not quite redeem him.

"I used to love Alex, now during my current rewatch (on Season 9) I don’t understand why people rave about his arc because he’s still an AH most of the time lol. He had his redeeming qualities and I believe he has a good heart and is caring, but actions speak louder than words and he treated so many people like crap," Redditor Fast_Cartoonist_8477 said.

Miranda Bailey

Is Bailey a great surgeon? Yes. Was she an amazing character at the beginning of Grey's Anatomy? Undoubtedly. Yet, she is another character fans quickly fell out of love with.

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It happened mainly because of how she is "obsessed with herself and thinks she is the best thing to happen to the world" — at least according to Redditor Embarrassed-Slip-899.

What once seemed like a cool badass character turned into someone with attitude problems. But in Grey's Anatomy, it can also work vice versa!

Addison Montgomery

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In a very different arc, Addison was once hated for the very attitude problem Bailey is currently suffering from. However, Grey's Anatomy was kind to this character: today, many people find themselves in her own little fandom!

"I couldn’t stand Addison, she was a total b**ch to Derek and all that drama between her and Meredith, and her standing in the way of MerDer relationship was quite unbearable for me, but omg i adore her now. She’s smart, genuine, funny and gorgeous," said Redditor alilouist.

Some believe that it's about the age you watch the show for the first time and the harsh reality of rewatching it some time later.

"When I first watched I could not stand Addison. But I was like 14 or something back then, and thought MerDer were goals. Now I am over 30 and rewatching it and I find Addison hilarious," Redditor Moh_Plu_Kru noted.

Season 20: What Changed?

Basically, even though Grey's Anatomy has been airing since 2005, it is still that good old medical drama always ready to surprise its fans. So even if you hate something that the new season has introduced, consider returning to the series in 5-10 years — only to possibly find yourself in love with what used to annoy you.

Grey's Anatomy is available for streaming on Hulu, Netflix, and fuboTV.